Our Vision.

Dear everyone,

7 years ago while studying at the Royal College of Art in Design Interactions I undertook a year of exploration on the optimization of my personal happiness.

I took a perspective of evolutionary happiness, that happiness is an evolved sensation that indicates when our needs in terms of survival have been met. I then ran experiments on my air, diet, sleep, movement, material positions, and relationships with others all looking to optimize my happiness.

The experience completely changed the way I think about happiness and how it works in our lives. And I’ve realized that our current design and business practices miss enormous opportunities to create the outcomes we need in our lives for happiness.

We’ve been working on exploring what the world would look like if it was optimized, not for growth or profit, but for happiness. What would the world look like it everything was designed with your happiness in mind? We are building that world.

I hope you’ll explore our roadmap, download our early tools, and donate to this effort. We have a talented team working to build this new world and we’d love to realize this future with you.


J. Paul Neeley